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How to clean polished concrete floors

Polished concrete floors are a stunning choice, but they require specific care to ensure that they are kept beautiful. These surfaces are often misunderstood as being bullet proof, but they really aren't.

Firstly, most sealers or finishes on polished concrete floors will degrade when exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals. Avoid using these unless absolutely necessary and do not use vinegar to clean your sealed concrete floor either. If the sealer wears and degrades, your floor will no longer be protected. Once contaminants are in contact with the concrete under the sealer, they will likely leave stains that cannot be removed unless you grind the floor back.

Concrete is highly porous and highly alkaline. Anything acidic that comes into contact with the concrete will cause a chemical reaction, and erosion. Certain contaminants, such as kitchen oils, machine oils, pet urine or faeces and anything acidic can even make its way through the sealer barrier, even if intact. If any of these items come into contact with your polished concrete floor, clean them off immediately. In kitchen areas, we recommend using floor coverings to protect the floor from cooking oil exposure. Cleaning these covering regularly will avoid soiling being transported by foot traffic to uncovered areas.

So how do you clean a polished concrete floor? We recommend using the same process as cleaning a tiled floor, described in our blog. In addition to this, if the floor has lost it's shine or looks dull or cloudy, it may need buffing with a high speed floor buffer. The heat created with a buffing machine causes the sealer to warm up and smooth out. Foot traffic will roughen the concrete floor finish. Buffing will smooth it again. This is what makes the floor look glossy. We recommend our machine cleaning process before buffing, otherwise you will end up buffing residue dirt and contaminants into the finish. Call today for a quote.

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