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Cleaning Floor Tiles

What is the best way to clean your floor tiles? The great thing about a porcleain or ceramic tile floor is that it can be aggressively cleaned, without damaging the tile. Vinyl and wood floors are much softer than tile and therefore easily damaged. Polished concrete floor sealers will wear down and allow oils to penetrate, even when intact. But a tiled floor is a hard and impenetrable surface. Grouts today are also vastly improved from what they were ten years ago and they can be cleaned more easily. But you have to know how.

The first tip on how to clean a tile floor is to give it a good scrub. The best mop for scrubbing a tile floor is a glitterbug or doodlebug mop and pads. Yes, that's what they're called! They're abrasive but will not damage the tile or grout. Most cleaning supply stores will sell these. That's gotta be a good sign? They won't be selling a Bissell steam mop or Stanley steamer mop. Why? Because these items will not scrub the floor. So doodle on down to your cleaning supply store, save yourself some money and buy this simple set up.

The best floor tile cleaner is our very own Total Stone Care Tile Cleaner. It is super concentrated and makes 50 litres of solution, and costs only $35. The next tip is to not use this product, or any floor cleaning product, in higher solutions than recommended. If you do, you will leave a cleaning solution residue on the floor. This is the number one reason floors get sticky and start to form a buildup, a lasagne of cleaning product and dirt. This becomes very hard to clean off. Just use the prescribed concentration, put it down on the floor and let it soak for 5 minutes, then scrub.

Lastly, use a regular mop to pick up the slurry formed on the floor. Rinse the mop regularly in clean water and repeat. Think about this step as if you are rinsing the floor of everything. The only thing you want left on your floor is clean water.

If you have trouble getting your floor to come clean, you most likely need a machine cleaning service. We use mechanical scrubbers and hot pressure washing to rinse the floor with up to 8 litres of super hot water per minute. Everything is captured through a powerful vacuum and there is nothing left behind. Your tile floor is completely restored and you can use the above cleaning protocol to maintain the floor thereafter. Call today for a quote.

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