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Cleaning Bathroom Tile and Grout

The trick to keeping your tile and grout looking great, is cleaning it regularly. What's the best way to clean bathroom tiles?

All tiles like to be scrubbed. This can be a tedious job if you're using your little palm-sized scrubby pad and you've left it a bit too long (whoops!). Instead, buy yourself a doodlebug or glittberbug pad and holder. Yes, that's what they're called. Most cleaning supply stores will sell them. Then purchase a bottle of our Total Stone Care Tile Cleaner. It's a nano-technology super concentrated, biologically-safe tile cleaner. It makes 50 Litres of solution and costs only $35 a bottle.

The doodlebug set up is about 6 times the size of the little kitchen-purposed scrubby pad you've been using. More surface area means less scrubbing. You should be able to effectively clean your shower stall in less than two minutes.

Fill a small bucket or tub of solution, or a large spray bottle of solution that can be set to a stream instead of a mist by twisting the nozzle. Saturate the walls, floor and glass with solution and scrub repeatedly. Rinse and that's it.

We also recommend, once a month, spraying your silicone and corner areas with a bleach based solution to keep any mold growth from even starting. Something that is wet will not absorb water. So apply these products when the shower stall is dry and leave it to soak in.

If your shower has a build up soap residue, or pink or black mold has penetrated the grout lines and silicone, or you just can't seem to get it clean, you will need our machine cleaning services to restore the area. Thereafter you can use the above maintenance cleaning protocol. Every bathroom we clean receives a free bottle of Total Stone Care Tile Cleaner. Call for a quote today.

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